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Welcome to the newest addition to my website and the latest obsession in my creative life..

I have written stories for as long as I have painted and drawn, which is a very long time, but I have been even more reticent to share my writing than I have the other aspects of my life. For some reason it seems more personal to share my stories than it did to share my paintings, and that took me long enough!

I have been taking part in online short story and micro fiction challenges this year, with reasonable success, which is spurring me on both to write more, revisit old projects that I have shelved over the years, and consider more ambitious projects at last. As we hope to travel in the next few years, in many ways it makes sense to me to return to this as a medium of expression, as it is the most portable in many ways. My habit of writing in longhand in tiny notebooks may have to be addressed, but it could be argued that this is more practical than carrying a laptop on a bicycle half way around the world... we shall see.

Anyway, welcome and thank you for joining me in the next part of my journey.

Stories to follow as and when they appear, each with notes as to how and why I came to write them, and whether any prompts were followed.


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