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The times they are a changin' at Bon P HQ and Ing Printmaker Towers. From next April we will be embarking on our 'old people's gap year' (or longer, plans are: there are no plans) cycling onward from Edinburgh to Europe and beyond.

I'll be blogging here once things start happening. For now we are battened down for the winter, looking at maps, whittling down posessions and dreaming of the months to come.

Bon Papillon, and Stuart's offshoot framing service will be closing early in the year, and my Printmaking will be put on hold around the same time, although my Esty shop will continue trading until the prints run out. I will still be writing, and I'm sure drawings will appear and the odd knitting project, so creativity is not in total shutdown;)

Happy Christmas and New Year to all vintage Bon P customers, Printmaker customers and all the rest who have stumbled upon us over the years. Speak soon... x

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